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Levi Mullen: Press

Although it may have snuck out as a self release, the quality of this man's songwriting is outstanding. If you think they don't write 'em like they did for Ray Price in the '60s, hear this man and think again.
Duncan Warwick - Country Music People, UK
The cover of the second cd classifies this as "Classic country music from deep in the heart of Texas". I would add the words honky tonk in there somewhere and you would have the perfect description. This is great honky tonk music of the kind made in recent times by Norman Wade but going back to the best traditions of Texas honky tonk music as performed by the fabulous Charlie Walker. Levi is an excellent vocalist and writer of classic style honky tonk. "Just the Two of Us" is about a trip through the honky tonks of his home town with the ironic twist that the partner on his binge is not his gal but the memory of that gal. It is all about the sacred things associated with the honky tonk genre, something the brain dead cretins in Nashville find hard to handle anymore given its inherent politically incorrect nature. Levi is also a talented musician and handles lead guitar, fiddle, bass, piano and drums (the rhythm "section" is great). He augments his own skills with Dickie Overby on steel. What more can you ask for? Both albums are tops; the second has 12 compared to the first's ten tracks. Both are equally grand. "one Habit I Don't Want to Break"/ "Hell to Pay But heaven's Worth the Price"/ "He Used to be Her Used to Be" you just can't get anymore.
Steve - Yesterday And Today Records, Australia