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Levi Mullen: Links

Simple Music Theory
This is where you can download my new e-book, You Can Count To Eight, Can't You? The Easiest Music Theory Course Ever Written!
Sing 4 The Children
Wanna hire Levi for a fundraiser or benefit for your favorite cause? Check this out for more details...
Check out some video clips of Levi performing live!
Mullen Steel Guitar Company
Levi's uncle, Del, is the president, owner, and Big Kahuna of the finest steel guitar company in the world!
Gary P. Nunn
Home of the official Ambassador of Texas Music, and my new publishing partner with Bar Nunn Publishing!
Wild Country
These are the guys I get to pick with in the "off season" and help me keep honky tonkin' alive in soutwestern Colorado (my home state)! Yes, we have fiddle and steel!